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Đại học FUCK (FPT University of Computer Knowledges)

Bài cũ rồi nhưng đăng lại cho vui, khả năng thô bỉ của người viết bài này cũng đáng để được tôn làm sư phụ...

After the successful establishment of the first University, FPT corporation launched its second private university in Vietnam, FPT University of Computer Knowledges (F.U.C.K). F.U.C.K students (a.k.a F.U.C.Kers) will be provided with the lastest IT falcilities, including the wireless broadband service from a unit of FPT Telecom, WiMax for Home and Office Remote Extension (W.H.O.R.E). W.H.O.R.E is responsible for ensuring that F.U.C.Kers are always in ready condition to study new technologies and techniques.



FPT's biggest company, FPT Integration Service, has changed its focus to High-techs solutions only, and changed its name to FPT Integration Service of High-technology (F.I.S.H). F.I.S.H has researched and developed its own network deployment methodology, System Hard Integration Techniques (S.H.I.T). During 2010, more than 300 companies in Vietnam have used S.H.I.T to build their information systems. Many companies even modified and improved S.H.I.T to adapt with their own scenarios. The most notable case is Baoviet with Baoviet Unified Legacy Logics S.H.I.T (B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T). B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T was rewarded "S.H.I.T of the year" by F.I.S.H.



FPT Distribution Channels also made remarkable improvement in 2010 with 2 new programmes: Distribution and Introduction Channel Knowledgebase (D.I.C.K) and Product User Satisfaction SurveY (P.U.S.S.Y). While D.I.C.K aims at providing potential customers a comprehensive database of FDC's services, products, distribution network and showrooms, P.U.S.S.Y collects customers feedbacks to measure the efficiency and profitability of each channel. D.I.C.K and P.U.S.S.Y are 2 undetachable parts and contribute a lot to FDC's successes. Both of them are products of F.U.C.Kers but P.U.S.S.Y utilizes W.H.O.R.E’s infrastructure to simplify the data gathering process.



FPT Mobile has cooperated with Hutchison to distribute the latest 3rd generation mobile phones and to bring into operation a 3G network. FPT Mobile has converted a lot of users from other mobile phone networks to its 3G service. 2009,2010 and 2011 are the 3-G Aggregation YearS (3-GAYS) for FPT Mobile.



FPT Software Solution, the least known company, has made incredible achievements with a security system to protect software users from possible attacks, namely Application Security System for Home, Orgranisations and Large Enterprises (A.S.S.H.O.L.E). A.S.S.H.O.L.E is adopted quickly by domestic companies just as S.H.I.T was and brough millions of dollars of revenue for FSS.



Finally, while other FPT companies focus on technology advancement and customer satisfaction, FPT Software's strategy is to increase profit by reducing human factor overhead in software processes. The most important activity was development of a technology that can automatically audit and patch software products. The system is called Software Upgrade and Correction Kits (S.U.C.K) and is still in beta. At the moment, it is being evaluated by selected users (S.U.C.Kers). Most of current S.U.C.Kers are F.U.C.Kers

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